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Book One in the Alytheian Cycle


The Church of the Righteous Truth stretches ever outward across Alytheia. Jealous defenders of the Godess's magic, the Church sees all, controls all: trade, military, the ancient arts of Wielding and Cognation--even life and death. Now, as the Church's Premiero Irmao prepares to sieze yet more power, the Godess's light fades darker still...


But there is hope. Four forgotten outcasts--Al-Breban, a young and disillusioned priest; Solatta, a healer haunted by her tragic past; Sentenza, an old colonel left for dead; and Braga, last survivor of his platoon--unknowingly hold the fate of Alytheia in their hands. As each stumbles deeper into a web of conspiracy and betrayal, their destinies will entwine, leading them inexorably toward revolution, sacrifice, and--perhaps--redemption.

The Tenets of Truth -Paperback

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