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An ideal place for research

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

It’s July—actually, it’s still July—the last update was July, too. I’m off to Portugal in about a week, so hoping it goes onto the green list, or at least it stays on the amber list, but the good amber list, not the bad amber list. I hope it stays green-amber, not amber-amber, or should that be red-amber.

Apparently, that’s the way they used to describe the colour orange before the 1500s. Before the fruit ‘orange’ came to Britain. That’s why I am ginger, or a redhead, because we didn’t have a word for orange. Amber-gold would be a good one. Fire-touched or Goddess-touched.

Actually, I’ve been called touched many times in my life, but not on account of my hair! In Portugal, they call my hair colour cenoura and it sounds lovely when they say it. It means carrot, or as I was told ‘little carrot’, which is slightly better I suppose, although I suspect that is juts to spare my feelings.

I’m looking forward to sitting on the Atlantic coast with my laptop and drawing inspiration from the setting. Narrow medieval streets with cobbles that are so polished by age you can barely manage in your flip-flops never mind full-plate armour.

Lavish historic capitals filled with intrigue and tales of the occult and supernatural. Walled cities with imposing castles and dominating monasteries. Each time I visit, it feels like stepping into a fantastical world, it’s an ideal place for research—I just hope we make it there!

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