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Benefit of Doubt

Is there any better doubt than self doubt?

There can't be any other that is more complete and all knowing. There is nowhere to hide from it at any rate. Constant question and criticism.

Book one was a fluke, and getting published relied on luck more than anything.

Did it? Didn't it? I fear that book two is taking too long and feels contrived.

Too much plotting, or too little.

Then again, it's been less than a year, eight months at the time of writing, and in that time I've managed 110,000 words. That's not bad when you take into account a full-time job and a full-time life as well. That's before we even consider the dreaded social media and self-promotion!

If it weren't for the people around me and their encouragement, belief, expectation and the occasional nagging and shaming, I wonder if I'd even have finished book one.

I doubt it!

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