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Does anyone like their own voice?

I forgot to mention that I was on the radio. Well, it's more of a podcast, but they call it a radio channel—it's an American thing, I think. Or maybe it's just a young thing, I don't know, I'm in my forties for Pete's sake, we're not meant to know these things.

Anyway, back at the start of October, I was interviewed by Odin Hartshorn Halvorson, who was a fantastic and incredibly gracious host, not least because he didn't even mention that in Chapter One of The Tenets of Truth I describe how Solatta brews Harsthorn from toenail clippings and donkey piss.

We had a good old time chatting about the writing process and discussing some of the key themes from TTOT, and it was really good to have the input of Californian based Odin and hear his take on some of my writing.

If you have some spare time, be sure to listen not only to the interview at, but check out the rest of season two to hear in depth conversation with other authors and dip into season one for tips and advice for your own writing, but most of all, just tune in for the intro old time American folk track.

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