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Authors in Conversation: Davis Ashura and Quillem McBreen

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Heroic Books presents Authors in Conversation. In this episode we're joined by bestselling and award-winning writer Davis Ashura, author of the Castes and the OutCastes series, William Wilde, and, most recently, the captivating Instrument of Omens series.

Davis is joined by Quillem McBreen. McBreen, who is from Liverpool, is a writer of adult fantasy, and The Tenets of Truth is his debut novel and the first in his Alytheian Cycle series. Inspired to write through his discovery of audiobooks and his fascination with the way words are transformed off the page, he cites Brandon Sanderson, Bernard Cornwell and John le Carré as influences on his own work. Away from his writing career, he works in local government and holds a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Liverpool.

In this conversation, both authors discuss real world parallels within their books, belief systems, and how they get into the mood to write.

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