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I'm busy working, honest!

I’ve started writing again. Not that I’d deliberately stopped, but I was being distracted by everything else. That’s what I guess I was telling myself. There’s too much other stuff to do—my short story needs editing, I’ve got to get my socials followers up, I must sort out my Facebook page etc, etc. And then there are all the other real-life things—eating and sleeping and stuff. You’d be surprised how much dead-time there is in the day. Obvs, it goes without saying that I still made time for the important things—Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Vigil, and, the oddly, and very successfully so un-Martin Clunes Martin Clunes that he was very watchable in Manhunt.

The Tenets of Truth is out in a couple of weeks, but that still feels like it is happening to someone else in some other place. I had grand ideas of a big book launch but I’m not sure who would turn up. Evil Rona took the world on-line and it doesn’t feel as if it’s properly come back off it yet. Waterstones are still not doing events in their stores and even the Liverpool University Literary Festival has kept an on-line viewing option, so what chance would a new author have of drawing a crowd. Cue scenes of a lonely and bitter Quillem sobbing into a rum and coke, pity-gorging on the now room temperature finger buffet.

It felt good to get back to book two in the Alytheian Cycle—A Splinter of Truth, but in truth, that was only down to my partner shaming me into it having not done any writing in a while.

“Up to you, but I’m just worried that you’ll release Tenets and then the publisher will be harassing you for the next one.”

Makes sense, I suppose, but not what I wanted to hear when I was actually gearing myself up to do some blogging. No doubt I would have wound up wasting two hours down a twitter hole, but that is not the point! What is the point, I hear you ask? Well, I’m not so sure there was one. I was just excited to share with you all that I’ve been progressing with book two.

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